¡Get rid of bacteria, mites and microorganisms!

Today we have some news to tell you! Villas Guzman collaborates with the company Alimentaria Sanidad Ambiental, an authorized company and ROESB n° 0512-CV, in the treatment against bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and viruses in all our holiday rentals, with the TecnoBac and TecnoStatic equipment of the TecnoBio technology.

TecnoBio technology at the service of our customers

Cleaning in any tourist rental is essential to guarantee the hygiene of tourist or vacation rental homes and also the comfort and well-being of guests, without a doubt, the highest value of Villas Guzman. Although we always carry out a deep cleaning between rentals and rentals, it is necessary to complement them with other types of cleaning such as, for example, disinfection of mites.

For this reason, the usual or routine cleanings are complemented in Villas Guzman with other types of solutions, such as, for example, those provided by TecnoBio and that all our clients can request. Do you want to know what they consist of? Keep reading!

TecnoStatic disinfection

This treatment is primarily used for disinfection of surfaces and environments by air. For this, an electrostatic spray technology is used with which all surfaces can be reached, including those with the most difficult access. Also, there is no gap between drops of product! With this disinfecting treatment, the microbial load is reduced by up to 100% and all possibilities of cross contamination are eliminated.

In the following video you can learn a little more about this system and how it works.

TecnoBac disinfection

It is a special disinfectant treatment for mattresses capable of totally reducing the presence of mites, as confirmed by Aitex (the Technological Institute of Textile in Spain).
In the following video you can learn a little more about this system and see how it works.
In the following gallery , you can see how we carry out the treatment at Villa Bramasole, certified with the TecnoBio Seal .

Can I request a disinfecting treatment before my arrival?

Of course! If you want, you can request that before your arrival we carry out a complete disinfection of the house that you have decided to rent using the TecnoBac and TecnoStatic methods that we have talked about before. To do this, you only have to request it as an extra when formalizing your reservation, either on the web or by phone or email if you make it directly with one of our customer service colleagues.
If you decide to do it through the web, you will be able to see at that very moment if it carries any extra price, if not, our agents will inform you of it.

To contract it, you simply have to select it from the list of “Optional Services” that we offer in each accommodation, the cost will be added directly to your reservation as any other optional service.

The price of this service is different depending on the accommodation, so you can check the exact price by entering the each of them.

How will I know that the disinfection has been carried out?

TecnoBio is an independent company from Villas Guzman. When carrying out each disinfection, they issue a certificate attesting that it has been carried out. You can find this certificate upon arrival at your accommodation.

Is it effective against coronavirus?

As mentioned, disinfectants treatments TecnoBio have shown kill mites, v virus, microorganisms and other bacteria in higher percentages to 99.99%. In the same way, TecnoBio has both biocides and nebulization technologies as well as electrostatic micro-spraying to effectively cope with the Coronavirus.

The treatment is effective until the moment of delivery of your accommodation. After that, we cannot guarantee that any of the guests who accompany you will not be carriers of it. Likewise, we cannot be responsible for any hypothetical contagion of the guest in the supermarket, on the beach or in any other activity that the guest develops during his holidays and stay outside the accommodation.

Do I need to contract this disinfection service before my arrival?

No, you don’t need to hire this disinfection service if you don’t want to. At Villas Guzman we thoroughly clean each accommodation before the entry of a new guest. In addition, the maintenance of all the equipment and systems available to each accommodation ensures that they are in perfect condition each time a new guest decides to enjoy a perfect holiday on the Costa Blanca.

However, we understand that the concerns and needs of our guests, such as allergies or respiratory problems, are not always the same, that’s why, by making this service available to all of you, we intend that all those who need it win in security , tranquillity and comfort.

In addition, these types of treatments can also be beneficial for people with severe allergies or severe respiratory pathologies.
Do you have any doubt left?

Our customer service team will be happy to help you!

If you have any questions, our reservations and customer service colleagues will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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